Bad Bella

By: Ali Standish

Meet Bella, the very best dog a family could ask for.

Only her family, the McBrides, don’t see it that way. Ever since Mrs. McBride’s belly started growing, they don’t seem to appreciate the way Bella cleans the crumbs from the kitchen floor, or how she’s always willing to play fetch after a long day. And when Bella’s valiant attempt to save the Christmas tree ends in disaster, she finds herself being swiftly abandoned at the pound.

As the reality sinks in that she is unwanted, Bella is heartbroken. Where did she go wrong? Things look bleak until a kind couple, the Roses, take Bella in. Her new life is filled with wonderful things like parks and snowballs, vanilla ice cream, and the National Geographic channel. But as the weather turns cold again, the Roses start acting strangely, and Bella wonders if she can really trust them. Do they actually love her, or is history about to repeat itself? And will Bella be able to find a true home in time for Christmas this year?

Author’s note, with photographs. Suggestions for helping shelter animals.

ISBN: 9780062893253

JLG Release: Jan 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Animals , Dogs , Animal shelters , Pet adoption , Family , Family life , Point of view

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January 2020



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Animals, Dogs, Animal shelters, Pet adoption, Family, Family life, Point of view,

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