A Wolf Called Wander

By: Rosanne Parry

Illustrator: Mónica Armiño

Swift, a young wolf cub, lives with his pack in the mountains learning to hunt, competing with his brothers and sisters for hierarchy, and watching over a new litter of cubs. Then a rival pack attacks, and Swift and his family scatter. Alone and scared, Swift must flee and find a new home. His journey takes him a remarkable 1000 miles across the Pacific Northwest. The trip is full of peril, and Swift encounters forest fires, hunters, highways, and hunger before he finds his new home. “The Real Wolf Behind the Story.” Further information about wolves, and about flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. Author’s note. Black-and-white illustrations.

ISBN: 9780062895936

JLG Release: Jul 2019

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Sensitive Areas: Realities of life in the wild
Topics: Wolves , Animals , Adventure and adventurers , Nature , Survival , Family

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July 2019



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Potentially Sensitive Areas

Realities of life in the wild


Wolves, Animals, Adventure and adventurers, Nature, Survival, Family,

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