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Titan and the Wild Boars: The True Cave Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team

By: Susan Hood

Pathana Sornhiran

Illustrator: Dow Phumiruk

One afternoon after soccer practice, young Titan, eleven friends from the Wild Boar team, and their twenty-five-year-old coach rode their bikes to explore a local cave as a team-building adventure. Together, they crawled through the narrow tunnels in the dark toward the center of the cave. When they turned to go home, they discovered heavy rains had flooded the tunnel. They were trapped! With rising waters and monsoon season upon them, time and oxygen were running out. The world watched with bated breath as rescuers from around the globe teamed up to try and free the boys. After eighteen harrowing days, they were finally saved.
This picture book marries Susan Hood’s lyrical text with Pathana Sornhiran’s first-hand account reporting of the event and is brought to life by Dow Phumiruk’s beautiful illustrations. It will also include an introduction, a timeline, and extensive back matter with additional resources.

Endpaper map. Quote attributions. More about the cave rescue and the Wild Boars soccer team, with photographs. Time line. Interview with British divers Chris Jewell and Jason Mallinson. Sources. Online resources. Full-color digital illustrations were created with pencil, charcoal, and ink sketches and Photoshop.

ISBN: 9780062907721

JLG Release: Sep 2019

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Tham Luang Cave Rescue (2018) , Caving , Search and rescue operations , Caving accidents , Cave diving , Chiang Rai Province, Thailand , Soccer players , Soccer coaches , Survival , Rescue workers

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Tham Luang Cave Rescue (2018), Caving, Search and rescue operations, Caving accidents, Cave diving, Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, Soccer players, Soccer coaches, Survival, Rescue workers,

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