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Three Things I Know Are True

By: Betty Culley

The reminder is always there—
a dent
on the right side
of Jonah’s forehead.
The spot you’d press
when you felt a headache
coming on.
The bullet tore away bone,
the way dynamite blasts rock—
leaving a soft

Life changes forever for Liv when her older brother, Jonah, accidentally shoots himself with his best friend Clay’s father’s gun. Now Jonah needs round-the-clock care just to stay alive, and Liv seems to be the only person who can see that her brother is still there inside his broken body. With Liv’s mom suing Clay’s family, there are divisions in the community that Liv knows she’s not supposed to cross. But Clay is her friend, too, and she refuses to turn away from him—just like she refuses to give up on Jonah.

ISBN: 9780062908025

JLG Release: Apr 2020

Sensitive Areas: Language: Moderate Language
Topics: Family , Siblings , Friendship , Lawsuits , Brain damage , Grief , Guns , Small towns , Maine , Novels in verse

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April 2020



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Language: Moderate Language


Family, Siblings, Friendship, Lawsuits, Brain damage, Grief, Guns, Small towns, Maine, Novels in verse,

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