Refugee 87

By: Ele Fountain

Shif has a happy life, unfamiliar with the horrors of his country's regime. He is one of the smartest boys in school, and feels safe and loved in the home he shares with his mother and little sister, right next door to his best friend. But the day that soldiers arrive at his door, Shif knows that he will never be safe again--his only choice is to run. Facing both unthinkable cruelty and boundless kindness, Shif bravely makes his way towards a future he can barely imagine.
Based on real experiences and written in spare, powerful prose, this gripping debut illustrates the realities faced by countless young refugees across the world today. Refugee 87 is a story of friendship, kindness, hardship, survival, and -- above all -- hope.

Author’s note.

ISBN: 9780316423038

JLG Release: Sep 2019

Sensitive Areas: Harsh realities of refugees’ situations, Violence
Topics: Prisoners , Refugees , Survival , Best friends , Friendship , Middle East

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September 2019



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Potentially Sensitive Areas

Harsh realities of refugees’ situations, Violence


Prisoners, Refugees, Survival, Best friends, Friendship, Middle East,

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