The Fresh New Face of Griselda

By: Jennifer Torres

Griselda "Geez" Zaragoza has a love for beautiful things, like her collection of vintage teacups and the flower garden she and her dad planted in the front yard. But when his business fails, Griselda loses not just her home, but also her confidence and her trust in her unflappable parents.

Tagging along with big sister Maribel, who postponed college for a job selling Alma Cosmetics, Geez dreams up a way to reclaim the life she thinks she lost. If she can sell enough tubes of glistening, glittery Alma lip gloss, she'll win a cash prize that could help jump start her dad's business. With ups and downs along the way, Geez will discover that beauty isn't just lost or found, but made and re-made.

ISBN: 9780316452601

JLG Release: Mar 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Poverty , Loss (psychology) , Sisters , Moneymaking projects , Cosmetics , Family life , Hispanic Americans

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March 2020



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Poverty, Loss (psychology), Sisters, Moneymaking projects, Cosmetics, Family life, Hispanic Americans,

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