The Great Jeff

By: Tony Abbott

Life hasn't been great for Jeff Hicks. After years at his beloved St. Catherine's, he's forced to spend eighth grade in the public middle school, which he hates. He's no longer speaking to his former best friend, Tom Bender, because of "that burned girl" Jessica Feeney. But worst of all, his family is changing, and it's not for the better. When his mom comes home announcing that she's lost her job, Jeff begins to worry about things far beyond his years: How will they pay the rent? Will his absentee dad step up and save the day? Is his mom drinking too much? And ultimately, where will they live?

ISBN: 9780316479691

JLG Release: May 2019

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Sensitive Areas: Alcoholism
Topics: Homeless persons , Single-parent families , Poverty , Middle schools , Friendship , Alcoholism , Conduct of life

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May 2019



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5 1/2 x 8

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Level 3.8; Points: 8;

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Level 6.2; Points: 15;


Level HL550L


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Homeless persons, Single-parent families, Poverty, Middle schools, Friendship, Alcoholism, Conduct of life,

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