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Spindlefish and Stars

By: Christiane M. Andrews

In which a story is spun.
And unspun.

Clothilde has lived her whole life in the shadows with her (sometimes) thieving and (always) ailing father. But when he fails to meet her one morning, sending her instead a mysterious ticket of half-paffage, Clo finds herself journeying across the sea to reunite with him. The ticket, however, leaves her on a sunless island inhabited only by creaking fishermen, a rumpled old woman, a piggish cat, and a moon-cheeked boy named Cary.

Clo is quickly locked away and made to spend her days in unnerving chores with the island's extraordinary fish, while the old woman sits nearby weaving an endless gray tapestry. Frustrated and aching with the loss of her father, Clo must unravel the mysteries of the island and all that's hidden in the vast tapestry's threads -- secrets both exquisite and terrible. And she must decide how much of herself to give up in order to save those she thought she'd lost forever.

ISBN: 9780316496018

JLG Release: Feb 2021

Sensitive Areas: Violence: Cruelty to Animals
Topics: Missing persons , Voyages and travels , Tapestry , Fantasy and magic , Legends, myths, and fables , Death and dying , Friendship , Self-esteem and self-reliance  

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Upper Elementary & Junior High

Grades 5-7

12 titles/year


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First Release

February 2021



Dewey Classification


Trim Size

5 1/2" x 8"

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Accelerated Reader


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Hardcover edition


Little, Brown BFYR

Potentially Sensitive Areas

Violence: Cruelty to Animals


Missing persons, Voyages and travels, Tapestry, Fantasy and magic, Legends, myths, and fables, Death and dying, Friendship, Self-esteem and self-reliance, 

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