By: John Feinstein

Twelve-year-old Jeff Michaels, son of a Philadelphia TV sports reporter, is just learning to play soccer on the new sixth-grade team at his middle school. Andrea Carillo has fought her way onto the squad, but the coach doesn’t think girls should play with boys, so she’s riding the bench with Jeff—even though she’s one of the best players. With Jeff’s help, the Philly media gets ahold of the story, and suddenly Andi is all over the news as she shows her worth on the soccer field. But amid bullies, threats, and a media firestorm, will Andi’s skills and Jeff’s perseverance be enough to save the season? From sportswriting powerhouse John Feinstein comes this fast-paced novel about two kids who are only benchwarmers until they prove themselves naturals
when it comes to teamwork, friendship, and finding a path to victory.

ISBN: 9780374312039

JLG Release: Oct 2019

Sensitive Areas: Discrimination
Topics: Soccer , Gender roles , Sportsmanship , Middle schools

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Soccer, Gender roles, Sportsmanship, Middle schools,

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