The Cheffe: A Cook's Novel

By: Marie NDiaye

Continuing her tradition of writing provocative fiction about fascinating women, here Marie NDiaye gives us the story of a Great Female Chef—a chef who was celebrated as one of the best in a world where men dominate, and the way that her pursuit of love, pleasure, and gustatory delights helped shape her life and career. Told from the perspective of her former assistant (and unrequited lover), now an aged chef himself, here is the story of a woman’s quest to the front of the kitchen—and the extraordinary journey she takes along the way.

ISBN: 9780525520474

JLG Release: Jan 2020

Sensitive Areas: Mild sexual themes
Topics: Cooking , Restaurants , Natural talents , France , Novels in translation , French female chefs , Kitchens

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January 2020



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Mild sexual themes


Cooking, Restaurants, Natural talents, France, Novels in translation, French female chefs, Kitchens,

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