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The Perfect Horse: The Daring Rescue of Horses Kidnapped During WWII (Adapted for Young Readers)

By: Elizabeth Letts

When a small troop of American soldiers capture a German spy, they uncover an unexpected secret: Hitler has kidnapped the world’s finest purebred horses and hidden them in a secret Czechoslovakian breeding farm. But, starving Russian troops are drawing closer and the horses face the danger of being slaughtered for food. With little time to spare, Colonel Hank Reed and his soldiers cross enemy lines to heroically save some of the world’s most treasured animals.

List of characters. Map. Author’s note. Source notes. Bibliography. Index. Black-and-white photo insert.

ISBN: 9780525644767

JLG Release: May 2019

Sensitive Areas: Violence: Cruelty to Animals
Topics: World War II (1939–1945) , Charles Hancock Reed (1900–1980) , Alois Podhajsky (1898–1973) , Vienna, Austria , War horses , Lipizzaner horses , Arabian horses , Rescue missions , History of the US Army

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May 2019



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Violence: Cruelty to Animals


World War II (1939–1945), Charles Hancock Reed (1900–1980), Alois Podhajsky (1898–1973), Vienna, Austria, War horses, Lipizzaner horses, Arabian horses, Rescue missions, History of the US Army,

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