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Ostriches: The Superpower Field Guide

By: Rachel Poliquin

Illustrator: Nicholas John Frith

Meet Eno, an ordinary ostrich living in the Serengeti, a corner of the African savanna. But there's something you should know: Even ordinary ostriches are extraordinary. And that includes Eno.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that ostriches are just overgrown chickens with ridiculous necks, skinny legs, and bad attitudes. And you’re right! Believe it or not, that neck helps ostriches run at supersonic speeds. Those skinny legs can kill a lion dead. And these are only a few weapons in Eno's arsenal of super-fierce survival skills—Eno has Colossal Orbs of Telescopic Vision, the Impossible Ever-Flow Lung, the Egg of Wonder, and so many more.

You’re still not convinced that ostriches are super-powered, are you? Well, you don’t know ostriches yet. But you will.

Glossary. Further reading. Online resources. Full-color illustrations made using a mixture of black ink, pencil, and wax crayon, then colored digitally.

ISBN: 9780544950405

JLG Release: Jun 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Ostriches , Animal behavior and characteristics , Birds , Science

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June 2020



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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Ostriches, Animal behavior and characteristics, Birds, Science,

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