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Women’s Right to Vote: History Smashers

By: Kate Messner

Illustrator: Dylan Meconis

In 1920, Susan B. Anthony passed a law that gave voting rights to women in the United States. RIGHT? WRONG! Susan B. Anthony wasn’t even alive when the Nineteeth Amendment was ratified. Plus, it takes a lot more than one person to amend the constitution. Did you know that when women’s rights activists picketed President Wilson to get his support for voting rights, some men beat them up, tore down their banners, and stole from them? And then it was the women who got arrested! No joke. Through illustrations, graphic panels, photographs, sidebars, and more, acclaimed author Kate Messner smashes history by exploring the little-known details behind the fight for women’s suffrage.

Time line. Author’s note with resources. Bibliography. Black-and-white illustrations.

ISBN: 9780593120354

JLG Release: Sep 2020

Sensitive Areas: Discrimination: Sexism
Topics: US history , Nineteenth Amendment of US Constitution , History of women's suffrage , Political participation , Women's rights

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September 2020


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Random House

Potentially Sensitive Areas

Discrimination: Sexism


US history, Nineteenth Amendment of US Constitution, History of women's suffrage, Political participation, Women's rights,

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