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Megabat Is a Fraidybat

By: Anna Humphrey

Illustrator: Kass Reich

Daniel is not so sure about going to camp. There will be bugs. And uncomfortable beds. And leeches!

Megabat can’t WAIT to go to camp! There will be so much smooshfruit, and he loves a good sing-along.

Daniel starts to think camp isn’t so bad. He’s made friends, and his bed isn’t THAT uncomfortable.

Megabat has made a new friend too. But his new friend wants him to go flying to spooky caves. And her mom is very toothy.

As Daniel is getting into the swing of things and starting to enjoy camp, Megabat is getting himself into one tangle after another to avoid going into the scary woods. But can Megabat overcome his fears to help save his new friend?

"A Little Bit about Bats." Black-and-white illustrations rendered in graphite.

ISBN: 9780735266025

JLG Release: May 2020

Series: Megabat
Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Bats , Sleepaway camps , Friendship , Fear

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First Release

May 2020



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7 1/4" x 5 1/2"

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Accelerated Reader

Level 4.2; Points: 2;

Scholastic Reading Counts



Level 660L


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Hardcover edition


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Potentially Sensitive Areas



Bats, Sleepaway camps, Friendship, Fear,

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