Cave Detectives: Unraveling the Mystery of an Ice Age Cave

By: David Harrison

Illustrator: Ashley Mims

"We have to save this cave! You're not going to believe what's down there!" In September 2001, near Springfield, Missouri, a construction company was building a road. They expected to blast away a hill but instead uncovered Riverbluff Cave-one of North America's oldest Ice Age cave sites. Inside are swipe marks from gigantic claws, thousands of hoof prints in still-moist earth, and the fossilized remains of animal feet. Here is the story of how scientists worked to date the cave and identify its treasures. Full-color photos and illustrations. Time line. Glossary.

ISBN: 9780811850063

JLG Release: Jul 2007

Sensitive Areas: None,
Topics: Ancient species of North America , Road construction , Blasting , Discovering a cave , Geologists , Paleontologists , Investigation , Cave formation , Clay , Preserving history , Ice ages , Hydrologists , Fossils , Cave entrances , Animal behavior , Radiocarbon dating , Cosmogenic dating , Discovering new species

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Ancient species of North America, Road construction, Blasting, Discovering a cave, Geologists, Paleontologists, Investigation, Cave formation, Clay, Preserving history, Ice ages, Hydrologists, Fossils, Cave entrances, Animal behavior, Radiocarbon dating, Cosmogenic dating, Discovering new species,

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