Give Us the Vote!: Over Two Hundred Years of Fighting for the Ballot

By: Susan Goldman Rubin

For over 200 years, people have marched, gone to jail, risked their lives, and even died trying to get the right to vote in the United States. Others, hungry to acquire or hold onto power, have gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent people from casting ballets or outright stolen votes and sometimes entire elections.

Perfect for students who want to know more about voting rights, this nonfiction book contains an extensive view of suffrage from the Founding Fathers to the 19th Amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to today’s voter suppression controversies, and explains the barriers people of color, Indigenous people, and immigrants face.

Time line of voting rights in the United States. Amendments to the US Constitution discussed in book. Sources. Source notes. Index. Black-and-white illustrations and reproductions.

ISBN: 9780823439577

JLG Release: Mar 2020

Sensitive Areas: Racism; Sexism; Violence; Punitive jail conditions
Topics: US voting history , History of US political participation , History of US elections , History of corrupt practices in US elections , History of US Democracy , US politics and government , Political aspects of race relations , Hunger strikes

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Racism; Sexism; Violence; Punitive jail conditions


US voting history, History of US political participation, History of US elections, History of corrupt practices in US elections, History of US Democracy, US politics and government, Political aspects of race relations, Hunger strikes,

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