Rafi y Rosi ¡Música! (Rafi and Rosi Music!)

By: Lulu Delacre

In this new book in the popular Dive Into Reading: Rafi and Rosi chapter book series, Rafi and his younger sister, Rosi, are excited to learn about and participate in the traditional forms of music of their native Puerto Rico. They drum and dance to the rolling and rippling beats of bomba instruments. They sing and sway with the rhythms of plena songs. And they attend a party where they eat paella and warm corn fritters, and dance to the hot, spicy beat of la salsa!

Engaging and informative, the book is perfect for independent readers in kindergarten through second grade. Children will enjoy joining Rafi and Rosi on their new adventures while they learn about Puerto Rico's musical traditions and culture.

Sources. Glossary. Further information on bomba, salsa, and plena music. How to make a güiro. Full-color illustrations rendered in watercolor and colored pencil.

ISBN: 9780892394302

JLG Release: Feb 2020

Series: Rafi and Rosi
Language: Spanish
Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Tree frogs , Brothers and sisters , Puerto Rican music , Puerto Rican dance , Puerto Rico , Spanish language materials

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Tree frogs, Brothers and sisters, Puerto Rican music, Puerto Rican dance, Puerto Rico, Spanish language materials,

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