Where the World Ends

By: Geraldine McCaughrean

Every summer, Quill and his friends are put ashore on a remote sea stac to hunt birds. But this summer, no one arrives to take them home. Surely nothing but the end of the world can explain why they’ve been abandoned—cold, starving, and clinging to life, in the grip of a murderous ocean. How will they survive such a forsaken place of stone and sea?

Map. Afterword. “Birds of St. Kilda.” Glossary.

ISBN: 9781250225498

JLG Release: Feb 2020

Sensitive Areas: Mild language; Mild sexual themes; Violence; Sexual harassment, Attempted suicide
Topics: Eighteenth-century history of St , Kilda, Scotland , Islands , Hunting , Wilderness survival , Storytelling , Blessing and cursing , Seabirds , Boys and men

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Mild language; Mild sexual themes; Violence; Sexual harassment, Attempted suicide


Eighteenth-century history of St, Kilda, Scotland, Islands, Hunting, Wilderness survival, Storytelling, Blessing and cursing, Seabirds, Boys and men,

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