Free Lunch

By: Rex Ogle

Free Lunch is the story of Rex Ogle’s first semester in sixth grade. Rex and his baby brother often went hungry, wore secondhand clothes, and were short of school supplies, and Rex was on his school’s free lunch program. Grounded in the immediacy of physical hunger and the humiliation of having to announce it every day in the school lunch line, Rex’s is a compelling story of a more profound hunger—that of a child for his parents’ love and care. Compulsively readable, beautifully crafted, and authentically told with the voice and point of view of a 6th-grade kid, Free Lunch is a remarkable debut by a gifted storyteller.

Author’s note.

ISBN: 9781324003601

JLG Release: Nov 2019

Sensitive Areas: Criminal culture, Drugs, Homophobic slur, Mild language, Racism, Domestic violence
Topics: Poverty , Hunger , Child abuse , Memoir , Middle schools , Family

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2020 Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Award Winner
Kirkus Best Books - 2019
CPL Best Books - 2019

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November 2019



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Criminal culture, Drugs, Homophobic slur, Mild language, Racism, Domestic violence


Poverty, Hunger, Child abuse, Memoir, Middle schools, Family,

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