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From Here to There: Inventions That Changed the Way the World Moves

By: Vivian Kirkfield

Illustrator: Gilbert Ford

Celebrating the invention of vehicles, this collective biography tells the inspiring stories of the visionaries who changed the way we move across air, water, and land. Perfect for fans of Mistakes that Worked and Girls Think of Everything.

In a time when people believed flying was impossible, Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier proved that the sky wasn’t the limit. When most thought horseback was the only way to race, Bertha and Karl Benz fired up their engines. From the invention of the bicycle and the passenger steam locomotive, to the first liquid-fuel propelled rocket and industrial robot, inventors across the world have redefined travel. Filled with informative sidebars and colorful illustrations, this collective biography tells the story of the experiments, failures, and successes of visionaries who changed the way the world moves.

Selected time line. “Build Your Dream.” Source notes. Selected bibliography, with archival images. Index. Full-color watercolor and digital illustrations. 

ISBN: 9781328560919

JLG Release: Feb 2021

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Transportation , Vehicles , Inventors and inventions , Science and technology , Manned balloon flight , Joseph Montgolfier (1740–1810) , Étienne Montgolfier (1745–1799) , Bicycles , Karl Drais (1785–1851) , Steam locomotives , George Stephenson (1781–1848) , Gasoline-powered automobiles , Bertha Benz (1849–1944 ) , Karl Benz (1844–1929) , Interstate Bus Company , Greyhound buses , Eric Wickman (1887– 1954) , Liquid-fuel-propelled rockets , Robert Goddard (1882–1945) , Folding wheelchairs , Herbert Everest , Harry Jennings , Industrial robots , George Devol (1912–2011) , Computer-generated ship design , Raye Montague (1935–2018)

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February 2021



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Transportation, Vehicles, Inventors and inventions, Science and technology, Manned balloon flight, Joseph Montgolfier (1740–1810), Étienne Montgolfier (1745–1799), Bicycles, Karl Drais (1785–1851), Steam locomotives, George Stephenson (1781–1848), Gasoline-powered automobiles, Bertha Benz (1849–1944 ), Karl Benz (1844–1929), Interstate Bus Company, Greyhound buses, Eric Wickman (1887– 1954), Liquid-fuel-propelled rockets, Robert Goddard (1882–1945), Folding wheelchairs, Herbert Everest, Harry Jennings, Industrial robots, George Devol (1912–2011), Computer-generated ship design, Raye Montague (1935–2018),

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