Gloom Town

By: Ronald L. Smith

When twelve-year-old Rory applies for a job at a spooky old mansion in his gloomy seaside town, he finds the owner, Lord Foxglove, odd and unpleasant. But he and his mom need the money, so he takes the job anyway. Rory soon finds out that his new boss is not just strange, he’s not even human—and he’s trying to steal the townspeople’s shadows. Together, Rory and his friend Isabella set out to uncover exactly what Foxglove and his otherworldly accomplices are planning and devise a strategy to defeat them. But can two kids defeat a group of ancient evil beings who are determined to take over the world?

ISBN: 9781328841612

JLG Release: Apr 2020

Sensitive Areas: Violence: Mild Violence
Topics: Fantasy and magic , Household employees , Shadows , Single-parent families , Poverty , Horror and ghost stories , Action and adventure , Adventure and adventurers , Pirates , Paranormal, occult and supernatural

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

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April 2020



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Violence: Mild Violence


Fantasy and magic, Household employees, Shadows, Single-parent families, Poverty, Horror and ghost stories, Action and adventure, Adventure and adventurers, Pirates, Paranormal, occult and supernatural,

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