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Everything Awesome About Sharks and Other Underwater Creatures!

By: Mike Lowery

Did you know that sharks can be as small as a banana, or bigger than a bus? Or that whale sharks have more than 3,000 teeth? Did you know that giant squids have eyes the size of dinner plates? Or that clownfish are protected by snot armor?? Find out all this and more, in this comprehensive, hilarious underwater deep dive from Mike Lowery!

For fans of Dog Man who love nonfiction, discover this definitive, go-to book about everything AWESOME you EVER wanted to know about all things under the sea. Uncover a wealth of weird, wacky, and wild facts about sharks and underwater creatures, told in Mike Lowery's signature, acclaimed comic style with bright and energetic artwork, fresh framing devices, and hilarious jokes. This is the go-to book for shark enthusiasts that kids will put in their backpacks and obsess over, bridging the gap between encyclopedic nonfiction content and lighter picture book fare, filling the need with a one-stop shop for the legions of 7-10 year olds who want to know absolutely everything there is to know about underwater creatures.

Discover the must-have book for shark fanatics, a madcap field guide full of facts and humor, and learn everything you ever wanted to know about underwater creatures!

Resources. Full-color illustrations. 

ISBN: 9781338359732

JLG Release: Dec 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Sharks , Oceans , Ocean life , Nature and the natural world , Animal behaviors and characteristics , Marine biology , Extreme marine habitats , Ocean conservation , Drawing instructions  

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Sharks, Oceans, Ocean life, Nature and the natural world, Animal behaviors and characteristics, Marine biology, Extreme marine habitats, Ocean conservation, Drawing instructions, 

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