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Motor Mouse Delivers

By: Cynthia Rylant

Illustrator: Arthur Howard

Motor Mouse is a busy little mouse, between playing a game of croquet, riding a fancy bus, and discovering mystery stories. Come along with him on his adventures!

In “A Good Game of Croquet,” Motor Mouse and his brother love playing croquet and they always play to win. That is, until Valentino starts watching Peaceful Planet and thinks it might be more peaceful if they played to lose. Motor Mouse thinks this is nonsense! It is always best to win…right?

In “Day of the Double Decker,” Motor Mouse gets in his car for a full day of deliveries, but the car won’t start! His friend Winston the mechanic says his car needs to be in the shop for a week! How will Motor Mouse make his deliveries on time? Then the double decker bus rolls by. Perhaps Motor Mouse can take the bus. It will be an adventure

In “The Radio Mystery Book,” Motor Mouse loves reading everything, except mysteries. Mysteries keep him up at night and he can’t get into them during the day. So, he is excited when he discovers the Radio Mystery Show, where a host reads a mystery book aloud, one chapter a day. But after listening to the first chapter, Motor Mouse must know what happens! He rushes to the library, grabs the book from the shelf, and finds himself at a crossroads. Should he read the rest of the book all at once, or is it more fun to wait until tomorrow to hear the next chapter?

This sweet and funny trio of stories is sure to have young readers wanting to visit with Motor Mouse again and again.

Full-color illustrations were rendered in mixed media. 

ISBN: 9781481491280

JLG Release: Oct 2020

Sensitive Areas: None

Mice , Radio programs , Mystery novels , Libraries , Cars , Deliveries , Double-decker buses , Rain , New experiences , Croquet , Brothers , Sportsmanship  

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Mice, Radio programs, Mystery novels, Libraries, Cars, Deliveries, Double-decker buses, Rain, New experiences, Croquet, Brothers, Sportsmanship, 

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Motor Mouse Delivers

by Cynthia Rylant

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