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The Last Lie

By: Patricia Forde

Words hold power—and Letta wields them fiercely.

The city of Ark is no longer safe. Before the rebellion, everyone could only speak List, a language of just 500 words. But when Letta became the Wordsmith, the keeper of all the words that have ever existed—she learned that being able to express yourself is what makes you human.

And now, the new ruler has wicked plans to eliminate language once and for all: If a baby never hears a single word, they will never speak.

Letta and the other rebels must find a way to defeat the evil for good before they lose the very thing that will set them free.

ISBN: 9781492693338

JLG Release: Sep 2020

Series: The List
Sensitive Areas: Violence: Gun Violence , Violence: Cruelty to Animals
Topics: Vocabulary , Censorship , Dictatorship , Science fiction , Action and adventure , Girls and women

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

Grades 5-8

14 titles/year


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First Release

September 2020



Dewey Classification


Trim Size

8 3/10" x 5 1/2"

Page Count


Accelerated Reader

Level 4.3; Points: 9;

Scholastic Reading Counts



Level 600L


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Hardcover edition



Potentially Sensitive Areas

Violence: Gun Violence , Violence: Cruelty to Animals


Vocabulary, Censorship, Dictatorship, Science fiction, Action and adventure, Girls and women,

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

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The Last Lie

by Patricia Forde

Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus


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