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Sea Otter Heroes: The Predators That Saved an Ecosystem

By: Patricia Newman

Marine biologist Brent Hughes didn't think sea otters and sea grass had much in common, but his research revealed a new and surprising connection between the two. Science activity. Suggestions for protecting the environment. Source notes. Glossary. Selected bibliography. Suggested resources. Index. Full-color map, diagrams, graphs, and photographs.

ISBN: 9781512426311

JLG Release: Jun 2017

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Sea otters , Seagrasses , Marine habitats , Marine ecology , Elkhorn Slough, California , Animal behavior and characteristics , Scientific study

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2018 Green Earth Book Award Winner, Children's Nonfiction
2018 Robert F. Sibert Medal, Honor
ALSC Notable Children’s Books 2018, Middle
MSL Cream of the Crop - 2018

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June 2017



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Sea otters, Seagrasses, Marine habitats, Marine ecology, Elkhorn Slough, California, Animal behavior and characteristics, Scientific study,

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