Death Eaters: Meet Nature’s Scavengers

By: Kelly Milner Halls

What happens to the bodies of animals and humans after death? Nature's army of death eaters steps in to take care of clean up. Without these masters of decomposition, our planet would be covered in rotting bodies. This high-interest science text dives into the science behind how bodies decompose.

Source notes. Glossary. Selected bibliography. Further reading. Index. Full-color diagram and photographs.

ISBN: 9781512482003

JLG Release: Oct 2018

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Death (biology) , Biodegradation , Scavengers (zoology) , Decomposition , Science , Nature and the natural world

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Death (biology), Biodegradation, Scavengers (zoology), Decomposition, Science, Nature and the natural world,

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