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No Room for a Pup!

By: Elizabeth Suneby

Lauren Molk

Mia wants a dog more than anything. But according to her mom, there is just NO ROOM in their very small apartment. Then one day, when she and her grandma are visiting a friend who is giving away puppies, Mia falls in love with a small spotted pup that crawls into her lap. She knows she just has to convince her mom to let her keep him! With help from Grandma—and some of her pet-owning friends—can Mia show her mom how much room there really is in their apartment?

In this charming picture book from Elizabeth Suneby and Laurel Molk, an I-want-a-dog story meets the Yiddish folk tale about how things could always be worse—to comic effect! With a narrative and illustrations that are action-packed, this is a terrific read-aloud. The timely messages about the importance of gratitude for what one has, the need for generosity and the inclusion of others—"there's always room for one more"—resonate.

Full-color illustrations were created with “watercolor, pencil, bits of paper, tea bags, other sundry items, and a dash of Photoshop.”

ISBN: 9781525300295

JLG Release: Feb 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Dogs , Puppies , Apartments , Family life , Mothers and daughters , Grandmothers , Neighbors , City and urban life

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February 2020



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Dogs, Puppies, Apartments, Family life, Mothers and daughters, Grandmothers, Neighbors, City and urban life,

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