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A Thousand Glass Flowers: Marietta Barovier and the Invention of the Rosetta Bead

By: Evan Turk

Marietta and her family lived on the island of Murano, near Venice, as all glassmakers did in the early Renaissance. Her father, Angelo Barovier, was a true maestro, a master of glass. Marietta longed to create gorgeous glass too, but glass was men’s work.

One day her father showed her how to shape the scalding-hot material into a work of art, and Marietta was mesmerized. Her skills grew and grew.

Marietta worked until she created her own unique glass bead: the rosetta. Small but precious, the beautiful beads grew popular around the world and became as valuable as gold. The young girl who was once told she could not create art was now the woman who would leave her mark on glasswork for centuries to come.

Author’s note. Note about the art, with photographs. Full-color illustrations rendered in watercolor, colored pencil, oil pastel, and gouache.


ISBN: 9781534410343

JLG Release: Oct 2020

Sensitive Areas: None

Marietta Barovier (fifteenth century) , Women glassworkers , Glass blowing and working , Millefiori glass , Venice, Italy , Murano, Italy , Fifteenth-century history of Italy , Art and artists , Art history

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Marietta Barovier (fifteenth century), Women glassworkers, Glass blowing and working, Millefiori glass, Venice, Italy, Murano, Italy, Fifteenth-century history of Italy, Art and artists, Art history,

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