The Distance between Me and the Cherry Tree

By: Paola Peretti

There are a lot of things ten-year-old Mafalda cares a lot about. Like, counting the stars in the night sky, playing soccer, and climbing the cherry tree outside her school. Mafalda even goes so far as to keep a list of all these things, because soon she won’t be able to do them anymore—because she’s going blind.

Even with her bad eyesight, Mafalda can see that people are already treating her differently—and that’s the last thing she wants. So, she hides the fact that her vision is deteriorating faster than anyone predicted, and she makes a plan: When the time is right, she’ll go live in the cherry tree, just like her favorite book character. But as Mafalda loses her sight, surprising things come in to focus. With the help of her family and friends both old and new, Mafalda discovers the things that matter most.

ISBN: 9781534439627

JLG Release: Jan 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Blind , Blindness , People with disabilities , Family life , Friendship , Grief , Coping , Stargardt disease

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January 2020



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Blind, Blindness, People with disabilities, Family life, Friendship, Grief, Coping, Stargardt disease,

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