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I, Cosmo

By: Carlie Sorosiak

Ever since Cosmo became a big brother to Max ten years ago, he’s known what his job was: to protect his boy and make him happy. Through many good years marked by tennis balls and pilfered turkey, torn-up toilet paper and fragrant goose poop, Cosmo has doggedly kept his vow. Until recently, his biggest problems were the evil tutu-wearing sheepdog he met on Halloween and the arthritis in his own joints. But now, with Dad-scented blankets appearing on the couch and arguing voices getting louder, Cosmo senses a tougher challenge ahead. When Max gets a crazy idea to teach them both a dance routine for a contest, how can Cosmo refuse, stiff hips or no? Max wants to remind his folks of all the great times they’ve had together dancing—and make them forget about the “d” word that’s making them all cry.

Told in the open, optimistic, unintentionally humorous voice of a golden retriever, I, Cosmo will grab readers from the first page—and remind them that love and loyalty transcend whatever life throws your way.

ISBN: 9781536207699

JLG Release: Mar 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Family life , Golden retrievers , Dogs , Dance , Divorce , Friendship , Point of view

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March 2020



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Family life, Golden retrievers, Dogs, Dance, Divorce, Friendship, Point of view,

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