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Imagina (Imagine)

By: Juan Felipe Herrera

Illustrator: Lauren Castillo

Have you ever imagined what you might be when you grow up?

When he was very young, Juan Felipe Herrera picked chamomile flowers in windy fields and let tadpoles swim across his hands in a creek. He slept outside and learned to say goodbye to his amiguitos each time his family moved to a new town. He went to school and taught himself to read and write English, and filled paper pads with rivers of ink as he walked down the street after school. And when he grew up, he became the United States Poet Laureate and read his poems aloud on the steps of the Library of Congress. If he could do all of that…what could you do?

With this newly translated illustrated poem of endless possibility, Juan Felipe Herrera and Lauren Castillo breathe magic into the hopes and dreams of readers searching for their place in life.

Full-color illustrations were created in pen and foam monoprint.

ISBN: 9781536211702

JLG Release: May 2020

Language: Spanish
Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Juan Felipe Herrera (1948– ) , Biography and autobiography , Poetry and poets , US Poet Laureates , Childhoods , Coming of age , Learning English , Imagination , Spanish language materials

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May 2020



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Juan Felipe Herrera (1948– ), Biography and autobiography, Poetry and poets, US Poet Laureates, Childhoods, Coming of age, Learning English, Imagination, Spanish language materials,

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Imagina (Imagine)

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