Arctic Thaw: The People of the Whale in a Changing Climate

By: Peter Lourie

"Tackling this thing will be the greatest adventure of our time," says Dr. Paul "Shep" Shepson with a grin. He is talking about global warming, which he sees not as a horrific, unavoidable disaster, but as a scientific and personal challenge. This book follows Peter Lourie and Dr. Shepson on three trips to the Arctic, where they investigate the effects of climate change on the local Iñupiaq people. They hear about hunters falling through the thinning ice, watch traditional dances, and go along on a whale hunt. Full-color photographs, glossary, list of recommended reading, and index.

ISBN: 9781590784365

JLG Release: Jun 2007

Sensitive Areas: Photographs of a whale harvest,
Topics: The Iñupiaq people , Global warming , Barrow, Alaska , Atmospheric chemicals , Experiments , Balloons , Climate , Weather , The greenhouse effect , Fossil fuels , Melting ice , Arctic wildlife , Wainwright, Alaska , Whaling boats , Cultural celebrations , Ozone , Technology , Whaling , Personal decisions


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