The Wingsnatchers: Carmer and Grit, Book One

By: Sarah Jean Horwitz

This stunning debut weaves a tale in which a magician’s apprentice and a one-winged princess must vanquish the mechanical monsters that stalk the streets and threaten the faerie kingdom. 

ISBN: 9781616206635

JLG Release: Aug 2017

Series: Carmer and Grit
Sensitive Areas: Mild language, Violence, Bullying
Topics: Fantasy , Magic , Action and adventure , Adventure and adventurers , Inventions , Magicians , Fairies , Steampunk , Circus

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Elementary Plus

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Awards & Honors

Beehive Award 2019 Nominee Spring 2017 Kids’ Indies Next List, Ages 9 to 12

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First Release

August 2017



Dewey Classification

Trim Size

8 1/4" x 5 1/2"

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Accelerated Reader

Level 0; Points: 0;

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Level 0; Points: 0;


Level 930L


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Hardcover edition



Potentially Sensitive Areas

Mild language, Violence, Bullying


Fantasy, Magic, Action and adventure, Adventure and adventurers, Inventions, Magicians, Fairies, Steampunk, Circus,

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Fantasy/Science Fiction Elementary Plus

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