Cyrus Field's Big Dream: The Daring Effort to Lay the First Transatlantic Telegraph Cable

By: Mary Morton Cowan

In the mid-1800s, no one knew if it was possible to connect North America and the United Kingdom with a telegraph line that would enable instant communication. Cyrus Field wasn't dissuaded by this fact . . . or by his numerous setbacks. Author's note. Time line. Resources. Source notes. Selected bibliography. Index. Black-and-white and full-color illustrations, photographs, and reproductions.

ISBN: 9781629795560

JLG Release: Feb 2019

Sensitive Areas: Language: Mild Language
Topics: Cyrus Field (1819–1892) , US businessmen , US entrepreneurs , Telegraphy , Telegraphs , Telegraph cables , Atlantic Telegraph Company , Transatlantic telegraph cable , Telecommunications , Biography , Nineteenth-century history , Engineering

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Cyrus Field (1819–1892), US businessmen, US entrepreneurs, Telegraphy, Telegraphs, Telegraph cables, Atlantic Telegraph Company, Transatlantic telegraph cable, Telecommunications, Biography, Nineteenth-century history, Engineering,

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