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Art Sparks: Draw, Paint, Make, and Get Creative with 53 Amazing Projects!

By: Marion Abrams

Hilary Lay

Kids love arts and crafts and every kid can be an artist with this book as their guide.

Working with basic art supplies — from paint, markers, paper, and glue to household finds like cardboard boxes and fabric scraps — children learn that as long as they can imagine it, they can create it! This rich collection of 53 inspiring art projects for kids aged 6 and up is curated by two art educators with decades of experience, and offers up a ton of freeform fun. From Doodlemonsters and Painted Animal Rocks to Paper Bead Jewelry and Nature Weaving, projects vary in difficulty to engage a wide range of ages and abilities, and many can be made in under an hour. Every project featured in the book has been kid-made (and kid-approved!), and photos of the finished pieces serve as inspiration for kids everywhere to use art to express their imagination, humor, creativity, and individuality.

Metric conversion chart. Project templates. Full-color photographs.

ISBN: 9781635862119

JLG Release: Nov 2019

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Handicrafts , Drawing , Painting , Paper art , Textile crafts , Nature , Sculpture , World cultures , Folk art

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November 2019



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Handicrafts, Drawing, Painting, Paper art, Textile crafts, Nature, Sculpture, World cultures, Folk art,

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