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By: Darcie Little Badger

Illustrator: Rovina Cai

Imagine an America very similar to our own. It's got homework, best friends, and pistachio ice cream.

There are some differences. This America been shaped dramatically by the magic, monsters, knowledge, and legends of its peoples, those Indigenous and those not. Some of these forces are charmingly everyday, like the ability to make an orb of light appear or travel across the world through rings of fungi. But other forces are less charming and should never see the light of day.

Elatsoe lives in this slightly stranger America. She can raise the ghosts of dead animals, a skill passed down through generations of her Lipan Apache family. Her beloved cousin has just been murdered, in a town that wants no prying eyes. But she is going to do more than pry. The picture-perfect facade of Willowbee masks gruesome secrets, and she will rely on her wits, skills, and friends to tear off the mask and protect her family.

ISBN: 9781646140053

JLG Release: Dec 2020

Sensitive Areas: Language: Moderate Language , Violence: General , Discrimination: Racial Insensitivity/Racism
Topics: Alternate history , Murder mystery , Lipan Apache (indigenous people) , Ghosts , Magic , Texas , Native Americans , Colonization , Friendship , Family

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PG High Plus

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Awards & Honors

Publisher's Weekly Best Young Adult Books of 2020
2020 Cybil's Choice Award Nominee

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December 2020



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6" x 8 1/2"

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Hardcover edition


Arthur A. Levine

Potentially Sensitive Areas

Language: Moderate Language , Violence: General , Discrimination: Racial Insensitivity/Racism


Alternate history, Murder mystery, Lipan Apache (indigenous people), Ghosts, Magic, Texas, Native Americans, Colonization, Friendship, Family,

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