Speed Demon

By: Fred Bowen

Eager to find his place at his elite new school, ninth-grader Tim Beeman is torn between running track and trying out for football. Where will he feel most comfortable and be able to put his fast running skills to best use?

Tim Beeman is a newcomer at Hilton Prep, and he’s nervous about finding his place at this elite school. But when he sets a new school record for the fifty-yard dash during the first week of classes, he reveals his special talent: speed. Before long, the track and the football teams are urging Tim to join their sport. As exciting as this is, Tim faces a difficult dilemma: his father would love to see him play football, but his mother, who died three years ago, always felt that the sport was too dangerous for young boys.

Tim is torn. He feels he has a lot to offer the football team and is eager to join this popular group, but he can’t shake a lingering fear of being injured. He would definitely be an asset to the track team, but he is drawn to the more prestigious football team. How can Tim put his talent to the best use and at the same time satisfy his own needs?

Further information about real “speed demon” football players.

ISBN: 9781682630761

JLG Release: Oct 2019

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Running , Speed , Talents , Track and field , Football , Preparatory schools

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Running, Speed, Talents, Track and field, Football, Preparatory schools,

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