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Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House

By: Janet Hill

It has been a year since Lucy Crisp graduated from high school and she still hasn’t found her calling. That is, until she discovers an exclusive arts college called Ladywyck Lodge. On a whim, she applies and is thrilled to be accepted into their program. Lucy moves to Esther Wren, the charming little town where it’s based, and stays in the house her father buys as an investment: a magnificent building built by a sea captain in 1876. The house has history and personality—perhaps too much personality.

Strange things start happening: Lucy hears voices and footsteps in empty rooms. She sees people and things that should not be there. Furniture disappears and elaborate desserts appear. What’s worse is that the strange events are not restricted to her house. Lucy begins to understand that the town and its inhabitants are hiding many secrets, and Ladywyck is at the heart. As the eerie happenings escalate, Lucy fears she is being threatened—but she is determined not to let fairy potions, spells and talk of witchcraft scare her away.

Full-color illustrations rendered in oil.

ISBN: 9781770499249

JLG Release: Jun 2020

Sensitive Areas: Language: Infrequent Use
Topics: Magic , Witches , Supernatural , Haunted places , Small towns , Moving households , New York State , Coming of age

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First Release

June 2020



Dewey Classification


Trim Size

7 2/3" x 5 3/4"

Page Count


Accelerated Reader


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Level 990L


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Hardcover edition


Tundra Books

Potentially Sensitive Areas

Language: Infrequent Use


Magic, Witches, Supernatural, Haunted places, Small towns, Moving households, New York State, Coming of age,

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