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My Wild Life: Adventures of a Wildlife Photographer

By: Suzi Eszterhas

As a young girl, Suzi Eszterhas knew she wanted to be a wildlife photographer. But how did she go from snapping pictures of cats in her backyard to taking photos of cheetah cubs in Kenya? In this nonfiction picture-book biography, Eszterhas invites readers to find out what her life is like behind the lens.

Spectacular photographs of animals paired with compelling anecdotes will instantly draw readers in. Each section of the book explores a unique part of Eszterhas’s job with energetic and engaging language. Along with photography tips and stories about life in the field, Eszterhas’s sections on conservation and treating animals with respect will enhance readers’ awareness of these issues. End matter includes answers to common questions Suzi has been asked.

Filled with adorable animals, stories from the field, and subtle lessons on resilience and female empowerment, the story of Eszterhas’s wild life asks readers to pursue their passions, while treating the natural world with curiosity, kindness, and respect.

“Ask Suzi.” Full-color photographs. 

ISBN: 9781771474078

JLG Release: Jan 2021

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics:  Wildlife photographers , Women photographers , Human-animal relationships , Animals , Nature , Photography techniques , Conservation

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 Wildlife photographers, Women photographers, Human-animal relationships, Animals, Nature, Photography techniques, Conservation,

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