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My Day with Gong Gong

By: Sennah Yee

Illustrator: Elaine Chen

A day in Chinatown takes an unexpected turn when a bored little girl makes a connection with her grandpa.

May isn't having fun on her trip through Chinatown with her grandfather. Gong Gong doesn't speak much English, and May can't understand Chinese. She's hungry, and bored with Gong Gong's errands. Plus, it seems like Gong Gong's friends are making fun of her! But just when May can’t take any more, Gong Gong surprises her with a gift that reveals he’s been paying more attention than she thought.

With lighthearted, expressive illustrations by Elaine Chen, this charming debut expertly captures life in the cityand shows how small, shared moments of patience and care—and a dumpling or two—can help a child and grandparent bridge the generational and cultural gaps between them.

Glossary of Cantonese words in story, with traditional Cantonese characters and phonetic English pronunciations. Full-color illustrations. 

ISBN: 9781773214290

JLG Release: Dec 2020

Sensitive Areas: None
Topics: Grandfathers and granddaughters , Grandparent and child , Chinatown , Neighborhoods , Language barriers , Intergenerational relationships , Families

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December 2020



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Grandfathers and granddaughters, Grandparent and child, Chinatown, Neighborhoods, Language barriers, Intergenerational relationships, Families,

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