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Teen Titans: Beast Boy

By: Kami Garcia

Illustrator: Gabriel Picolo

Garfield Logan has spent his entire life being overlooked. Even in a small town like Eden, Georgia, the seventeen-year-old with green streaks in his hair can’t find a way to stand out—and the clock is ticking. Senior year is almost over. If Gar doesn’t find a way to impress the social elite at Bull Creek High School, he will never know what it’s like to matter. Gar’s best friends, Stella and Tank, can’t understand why he cares what other people think, and they miss their funny, pizza-loving, video game-obsessed best friend.

Then Gar accepts a wild dare out of the blue. It impresses the popular kids, and his social status soars. But other things are changing, too. Gar grows six inches overnight. His voice drops, and suddenly, he’s stronger and faster. He’s finally getting everything he wanted, but his newfound popularity comes at a price. Gar has to work harder to impress his new friends. The dares keep getting bigger, and the stakes keep getting higher. When Gar realizes the extent of his physical changes, he has to dig deep and face the truth about himself—and the people who truly matter—before his life spirals out of control.

Author’s note. Illustrator’s note. Full-color illustrations.

ISBN: 9781779510600

JLG Release: Nov 2020

Sensitive Areas: Crime: Theft , Language: Moderate Language
Topics: Superheroes , Origin stories , Low self-esteem , Body image , Popularity , Friendship , Crushes , High schools , Georgia , Dares , Theft , Parents , Family secrets , Shapeshifting

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Crime: Theft , Language: Moderate Language


Superheroes, Origin stories, Low self-esteem, Body image, Popularity, Friendship, Crushes, High schools, Georgia, Dares, Theft, Parents, Family secrets, Shapeshifting,

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Teen Titans: Beast Boy

by Kami Garcia

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