Where’s Rodney?

By: Carmen Bogan

Illustrator: Floyd Cooper

When Rodney finally gets a chance to go to a real park, with plenty of room to run and climb and shout, and to just be, he will never be the same. This is a story of the power of nature to transform every child. Information about how to visit a park. Full-color illustrations.

ISBN: 9781930238824

JLG Release: Dec 2017

Sensitive Areas: No sensitive areas
Topics: Schools , Teachers , Class trips , Parks , Nature

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Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2017, Picture Books
Booklist Top of the List Editor’s Choice, Fiction Young Readers

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December 2017



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Level 2.9; Points: 0.5;

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Level 2.3; Points: 1;


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No sensitive areas


Schools, Teachers, Class trips, Parks, Nature,

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