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Los dioses del Norte: La leyenda del bosque (The Gods of the North: The Legend of the Forest)

By: Jara Santamaria

Three cousins. Two worlds. One secret.

The legend goes that in the Baztán Valley, the gods coexisted in brotherhood, and the creatures of the day and night could live in harmony. But Gaueko, the terrible god of the night, started to torment the humans with his pack of wolves, and the goddess of the Earth, Mari, created the Moon and the Sun to protect them from the darkness. However, Gaueko’s thirst for power led him to concoct a plan to capture the Sun, and thus definitively establish his kingdom of shadows. Blinded with rage, Mari divided the world in two, and now nothing and no one can cross the line between them.

Teo, Emma, and Ada don’t like each other at all, but they are cousins, and circumstances have led them to spend the summer together in their grandmother’s small village in Navarre. When one of them disappears and the others go searching, they discover a universe of wizards and gods, of irascible giants and beautiful women with raptor claws, in which the terrible god Gaueko has imposed darkness. A world in which they can only save themselves from the shadows if they stay united and discover their own magic.


ISBN: 9788417424343

JLG Release: Feb 2020

Language: Spanish
Sensitive Areas: Language: Mild Language, Violence: Mild Violence
Topics: Legends, myths, and fables , Navarra (Navarre), Spain , Fantasy and magic , Family , Cousins , Grandmothers , Light and dark , Day and night , Gods , Other worlds , Magical creatures , Witches and wizards , Boarding schools

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Spanish Middle

Grades 5-8

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February 2020



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8 1/4" x 6"

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Penguin Random House Grupo Edi

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Language: Mild Language, Violence: Mild Violence


Legends, myths, and fables, Navarra (Navarre), Spain, Fantasy and magic, Family, Cousins, Grandmothers, Light and dark, Day and night, Gods, Other worlds, Magical creatures, Witches and wizards, Boarding schools,

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