Braver (Audiobook)

By Suzanne Selfors, Walker Ranson
Narrators Narrated by Kirsty Gillmore Edition

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Publisher Dreamscape Media LLC Imprint Dreamscape Audio ISBN


Braver (Audiobook)

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Young wombat Lola doesn’t quite fit in. Wombats are supposed to be shy and quiet, but Lola is talkative, curious, and always getting into trouble. But when her village is attacked by a group of swamp rats and a Tasmanian devil, Lola is separated from her parents as all the other wombats are captured and taken away. To rescue them, Lola will have to leave home for the very first time. And even with the help of friends she meets along the way, Lola will need every ounce of her bold bravery to help rescue her family and save the kingdom!
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Audiobook Elementary12 (Grades 2-6)

Audiobook Elementary12

Audiobook Elementary12 (Grades 2-6)

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