Cat Ears on Elizabeth

Series A Is for Elizabeth Written by Rachel Vail
Illustrators Illustrated by Paige Keiser Edition

Hardcover edition

Publisher Macmillan Imprint Feiwel & Friends ISBN


Awards and Honors 2021 Gryphon Award Honoree <br>

Cat Ears on Elizabeth

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Cat ears on your headband is not the only way to look great.

But it is a very good way.

Mallory has glitter folders and bright orange sneakers and a huge pink eraser. And Mallory has cat ears on her headband.

Then Anna comes to school with cat ears on her headband, too. Everybody loves how they look in those cat-ear headbands. Especially Elizabeth. Elizabeth doesn’t have cat ears on her anything.

She doesn’t even have any headband at all anymore. (They squish her head too much.) Elizabeth needs a cat-ears headband! It’s an emergency!

Maybe a surprise " I Love You" present from her grandparents will fix everything. Or maybe Elizabeth doesn’t need to be fixed at all.

Black-and-white illustrations. 

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