Collection Advisor


Introducing an innovation for managing your collection and stretching your book budget

Collection Advisor is a new collection analysis and book recommendation service that allows you to upload your MARC records, see an analysis of your collection, and get budget-appropriate recommendations for categories or books that fill gaps in your collection. And, as a JLG Member, it’s free!

Collection Analysis

With Collection Analysis, you’ll get actionable data such as:

  • Illustration of your collection’s average date of publication, item count by Dewey 100’s, percent of collection by Dewey 10’s
  • Comparison of your JLG categories with other libraries in the state with similar student populations and grade levels and recommendations for additional JLG categories to bring your collection in line with similar schools
  • Plus, a Collection Map, list of weeding candidates, and a recommended five year plan

Budget Analysis

With Budget Analysis, you’ll be able to:

  • Perform statistical analysis of your library’s collection to identify deficiencies
  • Locate best books from JLG offerings to fill those deficiencies
  • Create booklist that meets your budget

Ready to try it? JLG members can log into MyDashboard and find Collection Advisor under Library Profile in the left navigation. Not a member, but want to see what the buzz is about? Start by creating an account and a Collection Development Expert will be happy to show you a demonstration.