By Kenneth Oppel
Publisher HarperCollins Imprint Harpercollins ISBN


Awards and Honors Kirkus Reviews – Best Young Adult Books 2007 | VOYA Top Shelf Fiction for Middle School Readers 2007 | 2008 TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award, Finalist


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In the waning days of the dinosaurs, a new world emerges. Dusk is different from the other chiropters in his colony. While they glide to get from tree to tree, Dusk has the urge-and, he soon discovers, the ability-to actually fly. As the leader's son, he is protected for a time, but his father asks him to suppress his unusual talent to avoid being shunned- or worse. Then a new threat emerges, when a group of felids, led by Carnassial, stops eating only fruit, roots, and grubs to become predators. Black-andwhite illustrations. Author's note.
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Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus (Grades 5-7)

Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus

Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus (Grades 5-7)

For Grades 5-7

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