Dig It!: Archaeology for Kids

By Caitlin Sockin

Hardcover edition

Publisher Cornell Lab Publishing Group Imprint Persnickety Press ISBN


Dig It!: Archaeology for Kids

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Dig It! Archaeology for Kids takes readers on a tour through the fascinating world of archaeology, pausing along the way for glimpses into the past lives of people in ancient civilizations across the globe throughout time. This archaeological journey itinerary includes steps in archaeology—finding a site, excavation, lab work, interpretation, and conservation—and types of archaeologists. Bonus topics include tie-ins to the fields of history and art history, household archaeology, artifact museum ownership, and the impact of climate on artifacts.

These pauses at new and familiar archaeological sites exemplify each new topic on our tour by demonstrating how these amazing discoveries incorporated archaeologicam ethods. These entertaining, real-life examples are accompanied by beautiful visual spreads, many which include QR codes that kids and parents can scan with their smartphones to watch drone fly-over videos of archaeological sites and demonstrations of dig techniques!

Dig It! Archaeology for Kids aims to inspire young minds to dig deeper into the field of archaeology through at-home activities, guides, and career paths. Kids and teens will also build critical thinking skills to apply to their own lives by interpreting artifacts. Through the pressing artifact ownership issue and exploring cultural heritage through sites, kids will gain a better understanding of the world on a larger scale. Kids, teens, and adult readers will all walk away having gained a new insight into the vast world of archaeology, whether it be about an ancient civilization or archaeological method. Can you dig it?
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