Duck, Duck, Peach

Series The Great Peach Experiment By Erin Soderberg Downing

Hardcover edition

Publisher Holiday House Imprint Pixel+Ink ISBN


Duck, Duck, Peach

The fourth Great Peach book finds the family back in Duluth, Minnesota for a summer filled with mystery, competition, pie, and . . . the World’s Largest Rubber Duck.

School’s out soon, and the Peaches are looking forward to some quiet, especially now that the family’s B&B (aka the "Peach Pit") is finally running smoothly. But quiet and normal aren’t really the Peach way. When a massive Festival of Ships sails into their town, of course the Peaches have to dive in head-first.

Ships of all kinds start rolling in: pirate ships, tall sailboats, tug boats, snazzy speed boats. And the highlight of the whole show: The WORLD’S LARGEST RUBBER DUCK. Suddenly the Peachtree B&B is sold out, and the Peaches are cooking up other tasty solutions.

But then the World’s Largest Rubber Duck goes missing! Stolen? Sunk? Airlifted by aliens? The hunt is on for the famous icon, and the Peaches are leading the search. Using all their skills—on land and water—they are determined to find the missing duck and bring it back to its home in the harbor.

The fourth book in the Great Peach Experiment series, Duck, Duck, Peach serves up a major mystery along with more challenges, humor, and family mis-adventures.
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