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Frequently Asked Questions
Website FAQ
  • JLG Member: from the home page, click on the Log In button on the upper right side of the page. Enter your email address and password. Click Log In. You may want to check Keep Me Logged In in order to easily access your account.
    Nonmember:from the home page click on the Get Started button on the upper right side of the page. Enter your first name and last name. Select an option for your job title. Enter your email address. Create and enter a password. Your password must include at least three of these elements: lower case letters, upper case letters, numbers, or special characters. Confirm password. Enter your zip code, find your library in the list, and click to select it. Click Sign Up!
    You will need to use your email address and password to log in on future visits.
  • Click on My Account and select Wish Lists. Click the grey box Add List. Type the name of your new wish list and click save. Your new list will appear in your My List page.
    To add items to your list, search for a book and click on the book cover. Click View Details and select Add to Wishlist. Select the desired list to add the title. You can also add a new wishlist while you search. You can create additional lists as needed, just be sure to choose the correct list as you add titles.
  • From the home page, select the shopping cart icon. You may click View Shopping Cart to review or edit or you can Proceed to Checkout. When you proceed to checkout, you can edit your shipping and billing information. You can download a quote, add a purchase order number or pay with a credit card. Be sure to review your items and make changes as desired. Click Submit Order. Your next screen is a confirmation which can be printed for your files.
  • From My Account, choose My Coupons and select the code with the best option. Then go to your shopping cart and select View Shopping Cart. Select your processing option. Under Discounts & Coupons, paste the coupon code. Click Apply. The discount will be reflected at checkout. Click Proceed to Checkout in your shopping cart and complete your order by submitting a purchase order number or submitting a credit card number. Click Submit.
  • Enter the book in the book search in the upper right of the home page. For a more detailed search, click on the Books and Categories tab and then click the Advanced Search button. You can search by the following criteria:

    JLG Price
    JLG Category
    Dewey Class
    Month and Year of JLG release
    JLG Season
    Page Count
    • From My Account, select Shipments.
    • Select the month for a forthcoming title, then click on the book you want to swap.
    • You can search by title, author, or ISBN of the book you want as a replacement.
    • You can narrow your search by using the options provided on the left. You can hide books you already own or books in upcoming shipments. Use other limiters as needed.
    • When you find a book you want to use, click on the book. Choose Swap Book. You’ll get a chance to verify your swap. Click Confirm Swap Book. You’ll see a confirmation of your success and the new book will appear in your forthcoming titles.
    • If you click on Not Interested, you’ll see options that will provide options for customizing your future recommendations.
    Note: Only titles that are currently in stock and available for immediate sale can be used for substitutions through the Web site. Forthcoming titles cannot be used for substitutions through the Web site.
    Note: When making substitutions online, you can only substitute for a given month once. If you need to change out a title after making a substitution, please call customer service.
  • If you are unhappy with a JLG selection for any reason, please contact member service at 800.743.4070. Books that have not been processed can be returned for any reason at our expense. Any book that arrives damaged or is defective in any way will be promptly exchanged for another copy at no cost to you. Books that have been processed at your library and shelf-ready titles cannot be exchanged.
  • Log in and click on My Categories. You will see what and how many of each category you are receiving as well as the expiration date of each category.
    Note: You can also view expired and inactive categories and quickly and easily re-activate them online.
Membership FAQ
  • Log in to your account. From My Account, choose Processing Profile. You’ll see six sections to complete. You can do them all at once or edit individually. Follow the prompts as you view the options. Click Save and Continue for each page. At the end of the process, you’ll be able to view and print out your processing profile. If you need help, click on Library Info. Visit our help section and complete the form. Someone will contact you at your convenience to walk you through the process.
  • From My Account, choose Shipments. Choose Forthcoming Selections. Use the drop down menu to select the month of all forthcoming titles. You can also select All Upcoming Titles. Select Export CSV for a spreadsheet of titles or download placeholder MARC. You have a choice of opening the records or saving them. Once you save them you can download them into your circulation system.
    You can also download your past selections MARC records. From Shipments, select Past Selections and follow the procedures above.
  • Log in and select Subscriptions. If you don’t want to make changes, click Renew. Choose from your options, click Add Categories, or scroll to the bottom and check No Thanks. Click Next. Choose your processing options.
    You can print a quote or save the quote. If you are ready to check out, scroll to the bottom and click Add to Cart. You can now Proceed to Checkout to place your renewal order. Verify your order. Add a Discount Code if you have one. Click Apply. Click Proceed to Checkout. Save Quote or Print Quote. Verify shipping and billing addresses. Add your PO number or credit card number. Click Submit Order. Print your confirmation for your records.
  • Log in and click on My Account. Click Shipments. You’ll see a screen of your upcoming shipments. Change the month by using the drop down menu. Make swaps as needed from any current or past selection in stock.
    Note: Only titles that are currently in stock and available for immediate sale can be used for substitutions through the Web site. Forthcoming titles cannot be used for substitutions through the Web site.
  • From the home page, click on the drop down menu where your school is listed. Click Manage Libraries. Add a library by entering the library’s zip code and selecting it. Click Save. To add more libraries, repeat the process. You can view Library Details and manage your accounts from the My Libraries page.
  • What if my library is not listed?
    Contact our member service department at 800.743.4070 email at, and we will help you set up your account.
  • After you are logged in, click on My Account. Then click on My Profile from the drop down list. Edit your shipping, billing, and email addresses, and phone number as needed. You can also change your password. Select your Email Preferences by checking the appropriate boxes. Join the JLG Community by updating your Community Preferences. Upload your photo, type in your interests, and add your bio. Click Save All Settings.
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